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Ensuring Insulating Glass Manufacturers Run at Peak Performance

Posted 06 Sep 2017 by Paul McHale, Window Sales Manager East

Insulating glass (IG) is designed to keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Assembling a high-quality, durable IG unit that will stand up to elements over time is as much about using the right assembly process as it is selecting the right materials.

Some of the critical factors that will impact the performance of an IG unit include the type of sealant, side sealant thickness, spacer type, and desiccant matrix type and loading. Upper and lower process control limits have been established for the key process variables. H.B. Fuller has dedicated manuals for all our products and applications. Additionally we can provide detailed quality control best practices to ensure your IG production is running at peak performance. 

One of the best ways to ensure the IG assembly process is optimized is by conducting regular process audits. The H.B. Fuller Window team is trained and experienced in the latest IG assembly processes, and are qualified to perform regular process audits to ensure your line runs at peak performance. Whether you are using a highly automated vertical line with a flexible spacer system, or the higher throughput Intercept® process, our window experts can provide the support you need to ensure you are making the highest quality IG unit. This performance evaluation audit can assist with preparation for certification, track and archive your data, and assess your entire line from sealant to spacer.

To learn more about our latest electronic audit process tool or for information about our full line of sealants for IG units, stop by our booth (#1507) at GlassBuild America 2017to speak with our team of window experts.

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