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Advantra PHC8290 Hot Melt Adhesive

Posted 09 Jan 2017 by John Anderson, Technical Sales Manager

Do More and Worry Less with Our Latest Clean, Efficient Hot Melt Packaging Adhesive Solutions

Food and beverage manufacturers are constantly challenged with packaging their products to withstand harsh supply chains. In addition, packaging has become lighter and thinner to help eliminate waste and meet sustainability goals. We work tirelessly for our customers to provide innovative adhesive solutions that meet ever-changing needs in the market.
Recently, a leading packaged foods customer was seeking efficiency and cost savings while wanting to maintain robust package integrity. One challenge they were facing was how to deliver that integrity for their broad range of products. In one plant alone, they were using three different case and carton seal products to accommodate their ready-to-eat, hot fill, and frozen foods products. H.B. Fuller’s latest hot melt adhesive solution for case and carton seals, Advantra® PHC8290, delivered across the board with excellent performance across a wide temperature range on the various substrates and end-use applications.
Advantra PHC8290 hot melt adhesive provides the versatility for these diverse applications ranging from high-strength corrugated and highly recycled half-slotted corrugated—to difficult to bond substrate, and brightly printed packaging—to low-compression, high-speed package sealing lines. Advantra PHC8290 also provides deep fiber tear with high hot tack.
In addition to being able to use one packaging adhesive for three different products and higher bond performance, the customer now uses 10 percent less adhesive than the incumbent hot melt adhesive. Transitioning all of the lines to Advantra PHC8290 hot melt adhesive helped improve efficiency while reducing char build-up and enabling clean machining.
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