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H.B. Fuller Adhesives Showcased at ICE Grab the Attention of Thousands of Visitors

The H.B. Fuller booth at ICE.
Posted 04/03/2019 by Melanie Lack, Business Manager, Tapes & Labels

Global demand for pressure sensitive adhesives is increasing, and the industry is looking for individualization, sustainability and new technologies. Here’s a glimpse of H.B. Fuller participation in ICE Europe 2019.

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The future for solvent-based PSAs

Sign in front of mountains that reads "What's next?"
Posted 02/14/2019 by Melanie Lack, Business Manager, Tapes & Labels

Global demand for pressure sensitive adhesives is increasing to meet the growing use of industrial tape to bond everything from our smartphones to the doors and windows in our homes. Melanie Lack, H.B. Fuller's business manager for tapes and labels, explores the role played by solvent-based PSAs in the tape market.

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Stronger straws, sustainable future

Paper straws using adhesive technology from H.B. Fuller.
Posted 02/05/2019 by Pascal Alleno, Geographical Sales Manager for Converting Solutions

The humble drinking straw has found itself as one of the central villains of growing global concern about single-use plastic waste and its impact on the environment. Growing demand for sustainable alternatives is driving opportunities for innovation, particularly for paper straws. These straws require food-safe, water-resistant performance, and H.B. Fuller’s Swift®tak adhesives answer this challenge.

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Stay ahead with H.B. Fuller – Solutions for the Future

Man holding an e-commerce package.
Posted 01/29/2019 by Harsh Gupta, Regional GM - India, Middle East and Egypt

Are you facing challenges in meeting quality standards while maintaining profitability? Would you like a glimpse into the future? Find solutions to your unique challenges and discover more by meeting H.B. Fuller technology experts at PRINTPACK INDIA 2019. 

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Adhesive technology for tapes. Simply clever performance.

Adhesive technology for tapes.
Posted 01/14/2019 by Melanie Lack, Business Manager, Tapes & Labels

Tapes provide a simple and efficient way to connect all sorts of different materials in many day-to-day applications, from vehicles to electronic goods, and from medical devices to windows. Whilst the bonding solution may appear simple, the adhesive technology underpinning its performance is often much more sophisticated. This is where tape manufacturers can really benefit from accessing the resources of an adhesive partner with the widest breadth of expertise in adhesive technology.   Mo...

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