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H.B. Fuller is Solving the Diaper Core Leakage Problem

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Posted 12/04/2019 by Julia Li, Hygiene Global Marketing Manager

There are 250 babies born every minute, each of whom will require 7-10 diaper changes per day — that's a lot of diapers, and the last thing any consumer wants is an under-performing absorbent article causing leaks or discomfort to the baby.

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Addressing Key Pain Points Through Core Adhesive Innovations

Hygienix diaper blog
Posted 11/21/2018 by Julia Li, Hygiene Global Marketing Manager

Ameara Mansour, Ph.D. and I presented the findings from our voice-of-consumer study and diaper testing research on November 6th, 2018 at Hygienix, the premier event for absorbent hygiene and personal care markets. We concluded our presentation with a demonstration of how H.B. Fuller adhesive innovations address these findings. Voice-of-Consumer Study Nowadays, technology has provided consumers with the ability to openly communicate with other consumers and share personal feedback with manufact...

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Accelerate Innovation at CIDPEX18

Baby with her face in a soft teddy bear.
Posted 05/07/2018 by Catherine Huang, Hygiene Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific

CIDPEX 18 held on Apr 18-20 in Nanjing was a great success. The three-day event attracted nearly 800 exhibitors and more than 30,000 visitors from China and abroad, providing a great audience to showcase the latest innovations and market trends in disposable hygiene product design and manufacturing. At H.B. Fuller, we are “Accelerating Innovation” by continuing to partner closely with our Chinese and Asia Pacific hygiene customers. This market is thriving, and competition is fierce....

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Innovating with Conformable Disposable Incontinence Products

Illustration of different body shapes.
Posted 04/25/2017 by Kirstin Hedin, Global Marketing Director, Hygiene

Meeting Consumer Needs Through Innovation Recently we presented at INDEXTM 17, the prestigious international exhibition described as ‘the global meeting point for the nonwovens industry’. From market trends to innovation in materials and technologies, the event provided a wealth of information for the industry to take onboard as it continues to meet challenges head on, as well as assess and take advantage of the new growth opportunities in the years to come.   Innovation: From V...

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Hygiene Solutions for Adult Incontinence

Two active women doing yoga.
Posted 04/19/2017 by Kirstin Hedin, Global Marketing Director, Hygiene

Shopping Personal Hygiene Products Around the World Hygiene is one of the most important factors in life for UK consumers. If we take a look at adult incontinence in the UK, according to recent reports, in 2016 adult incontinence grew by 6 percent in current value terms to reach sales of GBP183 million. Sales were boosted by demographic changes and campaigns to make incontinence less of a taboo.    For example, adult incontinence products are not only aimed at older people, but also wo...

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Importance of Adhesives in the Disposable Hygiene Products Market

Active older lady stretching.
Posted 02/23/2017 by Laura Suarez, Hygiene Marketing Analyst

Can you imagine our world without the adhesives that hold it all together? Just think about living without some of the current disposable hygiene products like baby diapers, adult incontinence absorbent products, and feminine care products. Adhesives bond the substrates and layering components for premium comfort and absorbent product performance for consumers, and generate cost effectiveness to manufacturers.  Looking to the near future, what will be the trends of the disposable hygiene pr...

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Stretching Your Possibilities: Conforma™ and Incontinence Care

Conforma stretchable adhesive layers.
Posted 10/12/2016 by Kirstin Hedin , Global Marketing Director, Hygiene

Adult Incontinence When looking at adult incontinence let’s be brave and ask the big question: is there a correlation between excess weight and urinary incontinence?Let’s Start With What We KnowStatistics show that when it comes to the proportion of overweight and obese people, many developed countries remain in the lead, with further increases projected in the coming years. In a report called “Obesity and Adult Incontinence: A Look at the Future Demand“ it says that...

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Conforma™ stretchable adhesive. New possibilities for comfort and fit.

Inventor Kevin Davis talks about his contribution to Conforma.
Posted 06/10/2016 by Kirstin Hedin, Global Marketing Director, Hygiene

H.B. Fuller continues to remain innovative, having recently introduced ConformaTM stretchable adhesive to the hygiene market at IDEA16. This state-of-the-art adhesive has unique stretchable features and is applied with standard hot melt equipment. When paired with an extensible nonwoven it creates a conformable fabric that hugs the curves of the body. Cost-effective and comfortable, Conforma makes possible new stretch materials that are an ideal fit for disposable underwear in the adult incontin...

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The Changing Landscape of Stress Urinary Incontinence Products

Older woman gardening and being active.
Posted 03/17/2016 by Kirstin Hedin, Global Marketing Manager, Hygiene

 Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) occurs when the bladder leaks urine during physical activity or exertion as a result of weakened muscles that control the ability to hold. Recently Euromonitor International, the world’s leading provider of strategic market research, reported that, according to studies published by the National Association for Continence, SUI is the most common form of incontinence among women. In the United States, the condition reportedly affects 15 million adult w...

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