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The Next Generation of Sustainable Solutions

Blue Sky team at the finish line.
Posted 05/22/2019 by Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Specialist

H.B. Fuller shows their commitment to helping young innovators working to find sustainable solutions. Learn how we support the next generation of scientists.

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Automating Adhesive Delivery in the Hygiene and Nonwovens Market

H.B. Fuller FreeFlow system at a show.
Posted 05/21/2019 by Julia Li, Global Marketing Manager, Hygiene

Industry 4.0 is the current manufacturing trend of automating processes and exchanging data by way of technology. By introducing Industry 4.0 solutions to their facilities, nonwovens manufacturers can make informed business decisions in real-time. While attending IDEA, the world’s preeminent event for nonwovens and engineered fabrics, we launched our Industry 4.0 solution, FreeFlow™ Automated Adhesive Delivery System.

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Corporate Volunteering Programs Make a Difference

Joana Monteiro is a financial compliance manager in the H.B. Fuller Mindelo, Portugal, office
Posted 05/15/2019 by Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Specialist

Corporate volunteering programs encourage employees to get involved in their communities and make a difference. Learn more about one of our employee’s efforts.

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Powering sustainable adhesives for woodworking businesses

Formaldehyde-free woodworking adhesives from H.B. Fuller.
Posted 05/09/2019 by Iñaki Sigler, Marketing Manager for Durable Assembly in EIMEA

With consumer pressure growing on manufacturers to be more sustainable, businesses know that this can be a key differentiator. As a true industry partner, H.B. Fuller has developed a series of new, more environmentally-friendly adhesive solutions for the woodworking industry. Connect with our experts at Ligna 2019 to discover the next generation of woodworking adhesive technology.

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Recognizing an Outstanding Employee Volunteer

Joshua Randles, a production operator in Paducah, Kentucky, was selected as the winner of the 2018 Outstanding Volunteer Award at H.B. Fuller.
Posted 05/06/2019 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Executive Director, H.B. Fuller Company Foundation

H.B. Fuller recognized Joshua Randles as an outstanding employee volunteer for his work with the CenterPoint Recovery Center for Men. Find out more.

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