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Five Manufacturing Trends to Watch for in 2018

Illustration of a manufacturing line.
Posted 06/15/2018 by David Moorman, Vice President, Operations Excellence

The manufacturing industry continues to shift as managers look to explore new technologies and streamline operations. But, in addition to better software, it is imperative that they finetune their processes and manufacturing strategy. Manufacturers who adopt the latest trends will create business value and position themselves as the leaders in the industry. Here are five trends worth incorporating into your business model. 1. Focus on the Fundamentals The basics of quality and supply chain ...

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Skills-Based Volunteering: Leveraging Employee Talents to Strengthen Communities

Regions hospital in Minnesota.
Posted 06/14/2018 by Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Specialist

H.B. Fuller is proud to partner with nonprofit organizations to give back to our communities around the world. One way that we support our nonprofit partners is through skills-based volunteerism. Skills-based volunteerism leverages the specialized skills of volunteers to build infrastructure and capacity for nonprofits. One example of skills-based volunteerism is service on the board of directors of a nonprofit; serving on a nonprofit board gives employees an opportunity to use the skills they h...

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Adhesives, Inflatables, and Saving Lives

Posted 06/12/2018 by Karl Huelsenbeck, General Manager, Industrial Solvent & Water-based Adhesives

While we certainly hope that no one would ever need an emergency inflatable slide on an airplane or ship, we understand that it is important to be prepared. Life is unpredictable, so if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, we want you to be safe. This is why we have partnered with inflatable slide manufacturers to help build slides that will get you to safety. The Details There are numerous types of inflatable slides used on various types of aircraft. Each one is designed differen...

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H.B. Fuller Opens New Technical Application Center in Malaysia

H.B. Fuller Malaysia outside building.
Posted 06/05/2018 by Dietrich Crail, Vice President, Asia Pacific

H.B. Fuller is excited about the recent grand opening of our new technical application center in Malaysia in March 2018. All employees were invited to attend. The event included speeches, a ribbon cutting ceremony, tours of the facility, and lunch.   The opening of the new technical application center is just one of the larger projects we’ve recently undertaken in the region. Additionally, we have made significant improvements to our plant operations and R&D facility in the area....

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Bonding of Composite Materials: H.B. Fuller puts cars on a weight-loss plan

Car driving down the road.
Posted 06/01/2018 by Rongrong Liu, H.B. Fuller Engineering Adhesives

The three major trends in the automotive industry today are lightweight design, smart technology, and electric vehicles. One of these trends, lightweight designs, is receiving increased attention from the industry as of late. Every inch of a vehicle’s body from its “skeleton" to "muscle" is being scrutinized in an effort to reduce its overall weight. Metal alloys, such as aluminum and magnesium, make the "skeleton" even lighter and tougher. Fiberglass makes the "skin" of the car more...

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