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Focus on Chemists for National Chemistry Week

Celebrating chemistry week for H.B. Fuller.
Posted 10/19/2018 by Jeff Smith, Director America’s Research and Development

Every matter in the world has chemistry involved in it. Specifically, adhesive chemistry works through millions upon millions of material interactions that occur on a molecular level. On a grander scale, adhesive chemistry opens the door for other technologies, allowing for the design and fabrication for what was once thought to be impossible. At H.B. Fuller, we understand that adhesive chemistry is what enables organizations to create lighter, smaller, faster, stronger, and cheaper solution...

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Discover global technology made for India

The tapes and labels markets are complex and dynamic, shaped by global challenges, digitalization, sustainability concerns, and constantly upgrading regulatory legislation.
Posted 10/16/2018 by Harsh Gupta, Regional General Manager, IMEE Region

The tapes and labels markets are complex and dynamic, shaped by global challenges, digitization, sustainability concerns, and constantly upgrading regulatory legislation. Converters need to remain on top of all these changes, and effectively implement them to meet consumer expectations. Their biggest challenge lies in supporting the global supply chain, while meeting the expectations of brand protection, sustainable packaging and labeling, information dissemination and security.  There's m...

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Hygiene adhesive specialists make the difference in Turkey

Hygiene adhesive specialists make the difference in Turkey
Posted 10/09/2018 by Selda Akbasli, Hygiene Sales Manager, Turkey

Successully increasing Turkey’s share of the hygiene market is a constant challenge. Turkey is perfectly geographically positioned to export to Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, which – together with Turkish manufacturers’ competitive spirit – is one of the reasons why this market has continued to thrive. However, currency difficulties and other market challenges are making it tough to remain profitable, which is why collaboration with leading hygiene experts is playing an increasingly important role. Add to this the need to compete in the growing domestic market, and it is becomes clear that local access to global adhesive technology and expertise makes a big difference. 
Market growth, home and away 
Until recently, much of Turkey’s hygiene production has been exported overseas. However, we are now seeing demand at home, too. Improved education, greater urbanisation  and changing attitudes to adult incontinence are creating an attractive local market for hygiene products. In 2017, the domestic adult incontinence market grew by 18 percent to reach TRY 124 million , and the diaper market rose by 6 percent to reach TRY 1.8 billion . Now, for local trade, the depreciation of the Lira makes balancing expenses and profits very difficult. Manufacturers have to import most of their raw materials and energy, buying in Euros and US Dollars , and then sell their products locally in Lira. This means that, whether businesses are trading home or away, competitive pressures remain intense.
Global expertise located in Turkey
Manufacturers need to scrutinise their production processes to maintain profitability, while building their brand reputation. This is where the choice of adhesive and talking to H.B. Fuller’s adhesive experts in Turkey is helping customers to improve productivity and line efficiency, without compromising on end-product performance. The smallest change can make a big difference. This is why H.B. Fuller’s adhesive specialists in Turkey are dedicated to helping customers find solutions that fit their businesses. They do this through a combination of on-site and off-site support – backed by an experienced, highly committed hygiene team at our new adhesive laboratory in Gebze, Turkey.
Local testing and faster problem resolution
Our customers have been impressed by the speed and performance benefits of accessing global adhesive knowledge, and where needed, accessing our local adhesive lab. Capabilities at H.B. Fuller’s lab in Turkey include off-line testing, so manufacturers can avoid disrupting production. Our local team will accelerate problem resolution by accessing a global pool of hygiene expertise, including connecting with our Adhesive Academy in Lüneburg, Germany, a unique center of adhesive R&D excellence. In addition, we offer a collaborative approach to training and education, helping to upskill customers’ teams in the latest hygiene adhesive technology and application.
We seize every opportunity to get the message out about the benefits of accessing adhesive expertise. As I have taken an active role at Edana conferences for many years and will be again presenting at Outlook™ in Europe this month, I hope to see you there. 

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Creating Value with CILBOND® One-Coat Bonding Systems

Dennis Joseph from H.B. Fuller has over 20 years of experience in the rubber and automotive industries.
Posted 10/04/2018 by Nathan Whitford, Global Product Manager CILBOND®

Dennis Joseph has over 20 years of experience in the rubber and automotive industries, having worked in a variety of areas including product development, production, technical service, and supply chain. As the technical service manager of CILBOND® at the H.B. Fuller Michigan Center facility, Dennis oversees application development, technical customer support, and product launch testing and trials. He also has the opportunity to interact directly with customers in the United States and Canad...

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Shoutout to Our Team during Customer Service Week

H.B. Fuller global customer service
Posted 10/02/2018 by Mike Carney, Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Week is an opportunity for organizations around the world to recognize and celebrate the importance of customer service excellence. Held October 1-5 this year, we at H.B. Fuller understand that the longstanding and deep customer relationships that we hold are our organizational cornerstone. We also understand that our superior customer service is a competitive advantage, which is why we wanted to take the opportunity to discuss the many ways that our Customer Service Team goe...

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