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Focused on connecting what matters for patients

Posted 05/23/2018 by Heather Walch, Director, Global Engineering Adhesives

H.B. Fuller Adhesive Solutions for Medical Device Assembly Whether it’s disposable objects, like syringes and airway masks, or high-end devices, like catheters and automated insulin injectors, all medical technology has one thing in common: it exists to improve and extend the lives of patients. H.B. Fuller is connecting what matters for patients with medical grade, high-performance, light-curing and cyanoacrylate adhesives for medical device assembly. Like a Physician, We Do No Harm At ...

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H.B. Fuller Offers Instant Adhesives for Many Markets

Posted 02/07/2017 by Scott Pergande, Global Director, Engineering Adhesives

With the acquisition of Cyberbond, global adhesives manufacturer H.B. Fuller has quickly become a leader in the Cyanoacrylate Adhesives (CA) technology market. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, also known as Instant Adhesives or Super Glues, are solvent free, fast setting adhesives. These adhesives polymerize within seconds and bond to a variety of substrates. Furthermore, Cyberbond has created specialty formulas to take on specific bonding properties, including the rubber-toughened Xtra Flex Series, the...

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Making Strides in Medical Adhesive Technology

Posted 01/05/2017 by Heather Walch, Global Director, Business Development Engineering Adhesives

  As a leading global adhesives provider focused on perfecting adhesive solutions, we are committed to promoting healing and healthy living. Through our Cyberbond acquisition, connection with customers and business partners in the medical industry, and our rich, 130-year-old history as an adhesives manufacturer, we are primed to take your medical devices to the next level with our advanced adhesive solutions. At H.B. Fuller, we use innovative technologies and applications to ensure that you...

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