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10 Reasons to Work with H.B. Fuller

Posted 11 Oct 2019 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Director, Global Communications

At H.B. Fuller, we pride ourselves on being the adhesives manufacturer of choice in the market. Let's count down  some of the top reasons to work with us.


10. Respect for the Environment


 We thoughtfully consider the impact of our operations, people and products on the environment and the communities where we live and work. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to look for ways to minimize the company's footprint through sustainable business practices and to enable our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.


Increased demand for alternative, sustainable energy sources is leading to opportunities in new energy and technology design and production, such as adhesives for long-term, durable solar panels. Globally, the demand for products that replace single-use plastics, like paper straws, continues to grow, and the increasing demand for energy-efficient buildings is also creating opportunities in insulation adhesives and tapes for sealing roof edges. Additionally, trends in e-commerce and the increasing demand for sustainable packaging is creating new opportunities for automated and cost-effective sustainable packaging solutions for online retailers.

9. Customers  Value Our Service

Longstanding and deep customer relationships are the cornerstone of H.B. Fuller, and our superior customer service is truly a competitive advantage. Our Customer Service Team is the first point of contact for customers, and is a critical touchpoint that sets the tone for a positive experience throughout the engagement.

Team members have an excellent understanding of the organization and knowledge of our products. Together with the account managers, they know the customers better than anyone else in the company. They collaborate with them every day by phone and email, delivering what they expect and building strong relationships that foster trust and loyalty.

8. World-Class Support

Our support staff in our Technology Centers of Excellence around the world are connecting our adhesive technology and market experts to our customers’ product design and development experts. Dedicated to helping our customers achieve their goals, the support staff acts as counsels to the customers, ensuring that all requests are responded to promptly.

7. Adhesives – Nothing More, Nothing Less


We solve our customers’ adhesion challenges across a variety of diverse industries, including electronics, transportation, hygiene, and packaging, to name a few.

And, unlike other adhesives manufacturers, we only do adhesives, which allows us to focus all of our efforts in perfecting their design and development. This furthermore enables us to tailor our products and processes to meet our customers' unique, critical needs.

6. A Customer Focused Framework

Our expertise is about more than understanding adhesives. We make it our business to know our customers’ industries and processes inside out. We forge partnerships with them to deliver innovative technical know-how, and focus on what’s needed and what’s next in consumer and durable goods manufacturing.

There are three major work processes where customers specify new adhesives – the creation of a new product, the improvement of a current product, and the development of a new way to manufacture a product. And, our market experts get excited about all three. They work directly with our customers’ technologists and engineers who lead and drive those decisions to collaborate, design game-changing adhesive solutions, and bring their innovations to market.

5. Innovation Is in Our DNA

Innovation is embedded in the culture at H.B. Fuller. We stay on top of evolving market trends and changes across the industry and have a resilient, diversified, innovation-focused business model that allows us to provide enormous value to our customers.

Innovative thinking at H.B. Fuller is about leveraging our expertise to find opportunities in the markets we serve. That, coupled with the convergence of technology across our market segments, helps us solve our customers’ challenges every day.

4. A Passion For R&D

We invest in our research and development capabilities, having created an entrepreneurial, energetic mindset throughout our commercial and technical organizations that drives growth. Our global R&D team works with our technical and application experts to ensure that our products meet the demanding and evolving requirements of different customers around the globe.

Additionally, we continue to enhance our world-class manufacturing capabilities, most recently by restructuring and upgrading our facilities in Europe, investing in a world-class SAP system, and building state-of-the-art facilities in India, China and Indonesia.

3. Problem Solvers Through and Through

We enjoy solving our customers’ problems; whatever great idea, we work with them to design and develop adhesive solutions that can make it better, smarter, faster, and lighter. By developing innovative solutions, we successfully help improve their processes, introduce new processes or introduce new products to their portfolio.

And with our own continued growth, including 12 strategic acquisitions since 2010, we are better able to solve specific challenges given our expanded technology portfolio, combined companies’ technical expertise and longstanding relationships.

2. Global Reach, Local Expertise

We are passionate about bringing adhesive solutions to the world while partnering with and supporting manufacturing initiatives at the local level. As the largest pure play adhesives company, we are proud to have the second largest market share in this diverse space while maintaining our community relationships.

Our operations are global, with 31 technology centers around the world directed by over 500 field and lab-based technical experts who drive our culture of innovation. We have 72 manufacturing factories, which produce thousands of different adhesives that we sell to customers in over 125 countries.

Today, our winning formula for success continues to drive growth in every corner of the globe. We have the power of a truly global adhesives provider who also understands local challenges and priorities.

1. The People

Our people are what make all the difference. We have a great, globally-connected team of adhesive experts, all of whom work in partnership across business units and country lines.

Additionally, as we have continued to acquire new capabilities, our focus on high-performance collaboration has only strengthened. Our small competitors can’t do what we do globally, and our big competitors don’t work together as effectively as our team does. Our people and how they are organized to work together as a collaborative team is a key source of our ability to win in the market.

Interested in learning more about partnering with H.B. Fuller? Contact us today.


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