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Connecting What's Next in Personal Hygiene Products

Posted 12/15/2016 by Catherine Huang, Hygiene Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific

 Accelerating innovation in Asia Pacific Based on a recent report, the global feminine hygiene products market is forecasted to rise 6.1 percent compound annual growth rate from 2016 to 2022, reaching US$42.7 billion revenue. Speed of urbanization and increased awareness about maintaining personal hygiene and health have boosted demand. Feminine hygiene products include internal cleaners & sprays, disposable razors & blades, tampons & sanitary pads and panty liners & shields...

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China's Rollercoaster Ride

Asian woman holding a baby up in the air.
Posted 12/02/2016 by Catherine Huang, Hygiene Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific

The ups and downs of population, consumerism and innovation China’s one-child policy was in place for over 30 years and caused the country to age rapidly. Newspaper headlines reported that by 2030, a quarter of China’s population would have been over 60. However, in October 2015, the government decided to abolish its controversial one-child policy in a bid to increase birth rates in the coming years, fueling consumption and benefiting consumer businesses. Changes in age demographic r...

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An Extraordinary Solution to an Ordinary Problem

Older woman gardening and being active.
Posted 08/11/2016 by Kirstin Hedin , Global Marketing Director, Hygiene

H.B. Fuller recently introduced Conforma™ to the market - the first stretchable adhesive designed specifically to improve comfort and fit. Conforma, which is stretching the possibilities for the absorbent products market as it helps create disposable undergarments, is a new solution in stretch to meet the next generation of consumer demands. ConformaTM  Consumer demands are changing. Active adults are looking for disposable absorbent products that look, feel, and fit like cotton under...

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