Royal Adhesive

H.B. Fuller is proud to include Royal Adhesives within its portfolio of brands and products as a leading manufacturer of high performance adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, and polymer costings - across a variety of markets and around the globe.

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Royal Adhesive

Aerospace Aerospace
H.B. Fuller is a trusted manufacturer of aerospace solutions, ensuring high performance for commercial aviation and military defense applications. With custom formulations, we ensure reliable manufacturing in the aircraft industry. 
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vehicles traveling on highways Automotive

H.B. Fuller provides a line of low-emission automotive adhesives and sealants to address even the most complex bonding needs, providing increased durability and faster processing, and design freedom to compete in the marketplace.

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Commercial-Roofing Commercial Roofing
We provide a range of pressure-sensitive adhesives, tapes, and sealants for commercial roofing. We manufacture over 30 private-label roof system brands of One Step Foamable Adhesive®, which carry UL and FM certifications.
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A moving truck Commercial Vehicles
At H.B. Fuller, we provide a line of versatile adhesives and sealants designed specifically for the commercial vehicle industry, including emergency and specialty vehicles, bus and rail transportation, and trucks and trailers.
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father and son enjoying Elastomers
H.B. Fuller provides a line of elastomers and specialty rubber intermediates for adhesives, sealants, coatings, and rubber compounds, providing specialty properties for superior material performance for a variety of applications.
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People using Electronic Gadgets Electronics
Consumer device manufacturers use non-traditional materials for lighter, thinner devices. H.B. Fuller offers end-to-end solutions for electronic adhesives to meet bonding applications in a wide range of consumer electronics.
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Girl holding Coffee Mug Glass
H.B. Fuller is helping manufacturers create long-lasting and energy-efficient glass solutions for any design or application. We provide a complete line of adhesives for glazing, insulating glass, façade technology, LOCA, and more.
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sitting furniture Microsphere Technology
H.B. Fuller uses microsphere technology to design water-based acrylic adhesives. Our products, including Gel-Tac®, are suitable for self-wound and linerless products, label stock paper, wall and window graphics, and sticky notes.
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Mirror Mastic Mirror Mastic
We offer a range of mirror installation products, including adhesive/mastic, primers, sealers, and mirror edge sealers. Our products provide fast, permanent bond between a mirror and drywall, wood, metals, and dry primed surfaces.
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engine MRO
H.B. Fuller offers adhesive products for maintenance, repair, and operating supplies in various industries, including power plants, manufacturing, mining, metallurgy, HVAC and vehicle repair, facility maintenance, and marine.
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Telecommunications and Connectivity Solutions Telecommunications and Connectivity Solutions
H.B. Fuller supplies innovative, durable products to the energy, infrastructure, and telecommunications industries. Our extensive product line includes encapsulants, duct sealing foams, adhesives, tapes, thumb putty, and more.
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wood-and-composties Wood and Composites
As a leading adhesive maker for the woodworking and composites industries, we strive to be a true partner to our customers. By understanding the challenges our customers face, H.B. Fuller is responding with innovative solutions.
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