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a family Hygiene Solutions with Nonwoven Adhesive Products

Demand for nonwoven, high-performance hygiene adhesives continues to increase as the need for disposable hygiene products, such as baby diapers, training pants, feminine protection, and adult incontinence products, grows across the globe. Even though adhesives are only a small part of the total materials used in disposable absorbent products, they play a fundamental role in delivering the enhanced functionality required for meeting the changing demands of consumers.

package cartons Case and Carton Sealing
H.B. Fuller’s range of hot melt case and carton sealing solutions, including our Advantra® range of adhesives, provide clean consistent machining, reduced maintenance and parts replacement, and stronger bonds with less adhesive.
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Boy With Paper Cup And Books Paper Converting
H.B. Fuller offers high-quality and environment-friendly industrial adhesives for paper converting. Our solutions enable faster production speeds, maintain machine cleanliness, and enhance product quality while reducing costs.
Intercity buses Tape, Labels, and Graphics
H.B. Fuller provides a wide range of pressure-sensitive adhesives, including hot melts, acrylics, and rubber formulations for your adhesive coated film, tape, label, and graphic needs.
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Insulation and HVAC Construction Insulation and HVAC Construction
H.B. Fuller provides a full line of innovative construction solutions, such as Foster® and Childers™, for HVAC and thermal insulation projects. From weather barrier coatings to insulation, our products deliver durable performance.
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Industrial Assembly and Manufacturing Industrial Assembly And Manufacturing
H.B. Fuller provides adhesives, sealants, and tapes for various industrial applications. Our products offer properties such as strong bonding strength, chemical and corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and flame retardancy
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different types of transportation Transportation
Our innovative solutions for the transportation industry enhance energy efficiency and sustainability while complying with regulations. With our custom formulations, we deliver reliable solutions tailored to your needs.
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wood-and-composties Wood and Composites
As a leading adhesive maker for the woodworking and composites industries, we strive to be a true partner to our customers. By understanding the challenges our customers face, H.B. Fuller is responding with innovative solutions.
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