Solar Panels & Wind Turbines Assembled with H.B. Fuller Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives and Sealants for New Energy

H.B. Fuller is committed to sustainable business practices. That’s why one of our major focuses is new, solar energy (PV) and wind energy, because we understand that the world’s finite resources require us to minimize our impact on the environment while creating value for our customers.

We work to create high performance, effective adhesives and sealants for the solar market, one of the fastest-growing energy technologies, that simplify panel assembly and increase reliability and longevity. We customize our packages, enabling faster installations, reduced labor hours, and lower costs.

Whatever your wind energy needs are, from sealing and bonding to maintenance and cleaning, we offer high-quality solutions that deliver reliable and excellent performance.

Work with the global adhesives manufacturer that is committed to sustainable business practices and that is making strides to provide clean solar energy (PV) and wind energy.

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