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Aerospace and Defense

When it comes to quality system standards for the aerospace and aircraft industry, H.B. Fuller has you covered. Our high-temperature fuel tank and fuselage sealing applications are manufactured with two-component manganese dioxide cured polysulfide sealants that are fully qualified to the AMS-S-8802, AMS 3276, AMS 3281 and MlL-PRF-81733 specifications. Furthermore, our low adhesion access door sealant is qualified to AMS 3284, in addition to many other OEM standards.

High Performance Where It Counts

Our manufacturing plant in Wilmington, California, is fully approved to the AS 9100 and NADCAP AS 7003 aerospace quality system standards. Our sealants have outstanding resistance to aviation gasoline and jet fuel, as well as resistance to chemicals and petroleum products common to the industry, and offer excellent flexibility and bond strength to most metal substrates like aluminum, stainless steel, advanced composites, and many coatings under temperature extremes, weather, and stress.

Perfecting Adhesives to Save Lives

We also manufacture urethane and polychloroprene rubber adhesives for demanding elastomeric structures used in aircraft applications such as escape slides, life preservers, and life rafts that are used in commercial, regional, and military aircraft, all of which are fully qualified to MMM-A-139, MIL-A-5540B, MMM-A-1617 and MMM-A-121B requirements.

Maintaining a Strong and Steady Defense

Our Double Bubble Red, a fast-setting adhesive for the defense market which is used for a wide variety of maintenance and repair applications on ground support equipment, military vehicles, and naval ship equipment and systems.

At H.B. Fuller, we have the technology and adhesives to ensure reliable manufacturing for the aircraft industry. Our chemists have years of experience formulating aerospace adhesives and sealants, and specialize in the development of custom formulations to meet your specific needs.

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