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ProSpec is one of the most successful brands for technologically advanced construction materials and solutions. They serve clients in industrial, commercial, and home environments to provide high-quality construction grouts and related products. If you need concrete restoration and repair, concrete resurfacing, epoxy moisture mitigation, or similar construction products, ProSpec is one of the most reliable brands to utilize.


Grout Formulas for Every Project

Each construction project has different needs, which is why ProSpec provides a variety of unique formulations. Find general purpose grout with a non-shrink mixture, high-strength precision grout for fast job startups, and many more types of grout formulations that make it easier to achieve the results you need. Whether you’re looking to make repairs, pavements, or structural concrete projects, you can find a product specifically designed for maximum performance.


Modern Rehabilitation Solutions

ProSpec uses carefully formulated mixtures of cement-based product to make restoring and rehabilitating old concrete simple. With ProSpec’s polymer-modified mixes, you can find exactly what you need to make concrete look new again. Patching problem areas is made easier with formulations specifically created to handle vertical, horizontal, and overhead surfaces.


Enhanced Construction Opportunities

ProSpec is uniquely equipped to offer some of the most modern solutions for cement-based products. With Rapid Cure Technology®, clients get high-strength development and fast curing without having to sacrifice workability. This unique formulation also reduces efflorescence while controlling shrinkage that happens during curing. The result is smoother construction with high, long-term performance.


Specialized additives are also available, including Expansion Stabilization Technology (EST™) and Micro Defense® Technology. Reduce the chance of cracks forming with EST™, or make use of the Micro Defense® Technology to help preserve concrete against moisture-rich environments.


  • Rapid Cure Technology – RCT®
  • Expansion Stabilization Technology – EST™
  • Micro Defense® Technology
Technology Documentation
Used for used interior or exterior, above or below grade, on horizontal, vertical, and overhead
Polymer | Polymer-modified cement mortar
High Strength Precision Grout
Used for grouting applications where shrinkage must be eliminated
Polymer | Polymer-modified cement mortar
Premium Patch 200
Used for concrete repair and overlay applications
Polymer | Polymer-modified cement mortar
Slab Bedding Grout Rapid
Used for ideal for grouting applications of limited clearance
Polymer | Polymer-modified cement mortar
Slab Dowel Grout
Used for fill inverted dovetail slots in precast slabs
Polymer | Polymer-modified cement mortar

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