Window Frames and Fenestration

Residential window with wooden frame.
Window profile wrapping.

Window Profile

Window manufacturing in a center.

Window Assembly

To bring in-demand, high performance windows to market, you need a partner that offers global R&D capabilities and superior technical expertise. A partner that can help deliver the products your customers want and the end-to-end support your business needs. Whether you are manufacturing windows that will be used in cold, moderate or hot and humid climates, you can rely on the high-quality performance of H.B. Fuller solutions for window profiles.

We’ve been supporting PVC window profile manufacturers since the inception of this technology. Swift® adhesives and primer are combined solutions for sustainable, high quality and long-lasting performance, with different application systems and substrates in the window profile segment.


Insulating Glass for Windows


  • Fast drying primer for PVC/ABS
Technology Documentation
Used for pre-treating foils to enhance hot melt adhesion
Solvent Primer

Swift®lock 4780

  • Fast setting with high initial strength
  • Good heat & humidity resistance after cure
Technology Documentation
Swift®lock 4780
Used for exterior profile wrapping
PUR Hot Melt | Reactive Chemistry | Reactive Hot Melt

Swift®prime 4956 FL

  • Non-flammable
  • UV indicator allows to check the coating
Technology Documentation
Swift®prime 4956 FL
Used for adhesion promotion in foils for exterior windows pre-treatment of pvc and aluminum window profiles before wrapping with reactive hotmelt and pvc foil
Solvent Primer | Solvent-based

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