Commercial Vehicles

At H.B. Fuller, we offer a full line of adhesives and sealants designed specifically for the commercial vehicle industry, including specialty and emergency vehicles, truck and trailer transportation, and bus and rail transportation. Whether you’re in the business of moving goods and supplies across the globe or simply helping people get from one place to the next, we’ve got the commercial vehicle adhesives and specialty transportation solutions that will help improve durability, comfort and safety.
From the underbody of trailers to the roof of buses, we provide superior adhesive and sealant products, used successfully in some of the world’s most demanding commercial bus designs and heavy-duty trucks. Dedicated to commercial-scale production of bonding and sealing products, we are passionate about helping you better produce higher quality, lower weight commercial vehicles—with greater efficiency and at lower production costs.
Our superior technologies set us apart. We specialize in the development of custom formulations to meet your specific commercial vehicle adhesives needs. And as always, we’re working to support emerging transportation industry trends with new technologies that enable us to reduce the overall carbon footprint and make a sustainable contribution to weight reduction, air tightness and sound-damping. 
From sandwich manufacturing and floor coating to assembly bonding and interior finishing, our products have been extensively applied to commercial vehicle manufacturing and maintenance to meet the requirements on safety, reliability, noise reduction, lightweight, vibration reduction, and more. Learn more about how we deliver superior expertise in adhesives for commercial vehicles by exploring the different markets that we serve.

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