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Commercial Doors

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Commercial Doors

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Commercial Doors

At H.B. Fuller, we have a long history of innovating woodworking adhesive solutions. Our performance products are designed to solve problems, make manufacturing processes more efficient, and are used for a broad variety of applications, including decorative lamination, profile wrapping, edge banding, membrane press, furniture assembly, upholstery and mattresses.

Recent VOC regulations and consumer awareness have resulted in a greater demand for new products that have volatile components emissions. Today’s wood products are being manufactured with new composite materials and decorative surfaces that give customers more furniture choices with low emission ratings, including formaldehyde.

Decorative Lamination

  • Complete range of technologies Hot melt Reactive hot melt and Water-based for efficient production
  • Reactive Hot melt specially designed for high gloss lamination
  • Patented low monomer reactive Hot melt adhesives
  • Formaldehyde free PVAc adhesives
Technology Documentation
Rakoll® 3404UV
Used for high gloss and supermatte laminations
PUR Hot Melt | Reactive Chemistry
Rakoll® RK2009
Used for cold and hot press application door lamination veneer lamination
Polyvinyl acetate | Water-based
Swift®lock 9041
Used for transparent laminations
PUR Hot Melt | Reactive Chemistry
Swift®tak 48005
Used for paper and vinyl lamination vinyl and paper continuous panel lamination
Synthetic Resin | Water-based
Swift®tak PA181
Used for paper lamination
Synthetic Resin | Water-based

Edge banding

  • Complete range of adhesives in Hot melt EVA Hot melt polyolefin PO and Reactive hot melt
  • Filled and not filled range of Hot melt
  • High initial strength reactive Hot melt also available with low monomer content
Technology Documentation
Rakoll® TE5700
Used for edge banding
EVA | Hot Melt

Furniture assembly

Technology Documentation
Rakoll® TPX1
Used for furniture assembly
Synthetic Resin | Water-based

Profile Wrapping

  • Patented Hot melt PO for panel lamination and wrapping
  • Versatile and robust Reactive hot melt range
Technology Documentation
Rakoll® 4660
Used for profile wrapping with standard memory decorative foils to both basic and more intricate profiles
PUR Hot Melt | Reactive Chemistry
Swift®tak 48647
Used for profile wrapping
Synthetic Resin | Water-based

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