Sustainable Woodworking

At H.B. Fuller, sustainability is a priority, and we know that we each have a responsibility to protect our planet. We developed clear sustainability projects to reduce our environmental impact, which we report on annually in our sustainability report.

Our investment in innovation, research, and expertise, gives us the ability to create new high-performance solutions that enable customers to support their sustainability programs and help transition from a linear to a circular economy.

Therefore, our innovation strategy is to offer more sustainable solutions, such as adhesives that can be made from renewable raw materials, thereby lowering their carbon footprint and more durable, lightweight, and recyclable products.

formaldehyde-free Formaldehyde-free
H.B. Fuller provides Rakoll® ECO 3ZF and Rakoll® GXL 3 ZF formaldehyde-free adhesive formulations that follow the EU reclassification and help manufacturers obtain low hazard certificates for their finished goods.
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mass balance Mass Balance
H.B. Fuller uses a mass balance approach, integrating renewable raw materials into production, ensuring process reliability while reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing sustainability in our low monomer HMMC range.
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nep-free-primers NEP-free Primers
H.B. Fuller provides a range of versatile, regulatory-compliant primers for edgebanding and 3D lamination, improving adhesion to diverse materials like PVC, PP, or ABS, along with enhancing machinability.
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