• Striplash Water-Based Adhesives

    H.B. Fuller Beauty has a full range of water-based formulas for strip eyelash applications, crafted for precision and durability, and manufactured under strict quality and regulatory guidelines. Our striplash adhesives create a secure bond between the natural lash and the false lash band, providing a seamless and natural appearance and a lasting bond.

    Contracted services for this product include standardized packaging options, and customized choices after a certain volume threshold, as well as kitting and master packing that adapt to business requirements.

    Our water-based striplash formulation range is developed to address different performance preferences, but all will ensure water and body oil resistance to guarantee a low maintenance striplash application. The bond length can be:

    • Single day wear: For a single day striplash application or can be used as an aid to extend bond time
    • Multi-day wear: Striplash adhesion can last up to three days
    • Extended wear: Striplash adhesion can last up to five days
    • All season wear: Striplash adhesive with robust performance across all year and seasons
  • Lash Extension Adhesives 

    Lash extension adhesives play a pivotal role in the world of semi-permanent beauty enhancements. These specialized cyanoacrylate glues are meticulously formulated to bond single or volume lash extensions to natural eyelashes, ensuring a durable and natural-looking attachment. With the capacity to withstand external factors like water, sweat, and tears, a high-quality lash extension adhesive is crucial for longevity and customer satisfaction and retention. Safety is paramount, and professional-grade adhesives prioritize a non-sensitizing formula on the eyes, while delivering a robust hold.

    The H.B. Fuller Beauty line has a wide range of formulations developed to perform at different humidity levels, offering an array of set time options that can adjust to the technician’s expertise and preference. Additionally, our contracted service includes bulk solutions and standardized basic and premium packaging options that can be adapted to your brand’s look and feel. 

    Contact us for further details on our product offerings for cyanoacrylate lash extension adhesives.

  • Depilatory Wax & Wax Strips

    Depilatory products encompass a wide array of techniques and tools designed for the primary purpose of removing unwanted hair from the skin. These products prioritize the achievement of smoother, clearer skin. Depilatory wax and wax strips have been trusted allies on the quest for smooth, hair-free skin.

    The H.B. Fuller Beauty line harnesses the power of specially-formulated hard waxes, designed to grip and extract hair from the root, as well as pre-coated wax strips that offer convenience for ease of hair removal without the need of heating or additional equipment. Whether you're seeking a salon-like finish or a quick touch-up at home, depilatory wax and wax strips deliver efficient results, leaving the skin feeling silky and looking radiant.

    Designed with safe and regulatory compliant materials, we currently have bulk offerings for both hard wax and wax strip formulations, ready to be customized to fit your brand’s needs.

    Contact us for further details on our product offerings for depilatory wax and wax strips.

  • Nail Adhesives

    As nail extensions have surged in popularity, the adhesive working discreetly behind the scenes has become an indispensable element in achieving perfect, long-lasting manicures. H.B. Fuller Beauty nail adhesives, often used in the realm of gel nails and some nail extensions, rely on UV light to initiate a rapid curing process. This ensures a robust and durable bond, as well as a precise application, as the quick and controlled setting process reduces the chances of errors or misalignment.

    Additionally, H.B. Fuller’s global expertise on hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives can be harnessed by the nail adhesives market, particularly on press-on nails adhesives. This application method has revolutionized the ease and speed of achieving a flawless manicure at home. Glues designed to bond press-on nails securely to the natural nail create a snug fit that mimics the look of salon-done nails. Composed to prioritize both strength and safety, these adhesives are also gentle on the natural nail bed, minimizing potential damage.

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  • Hair Care

    Wig adhesives are essential in the world of hair replacement and fashion styling. These specialized bonding agents are formulated to securely affix wigs and hairpieces to the scalp, ensuring a natural appearance, and seamless integration with one's own hairline. The goal is always to offer a hold that withstands daily activities, weather conditions, and even vigorous movements, while also being gentle on the skin and easy to remove. As wigs continue to gain popularity for both cosmetic and medical reasons, the right adhesive plays a pivotal role in ensuring comfort and confidence for wearers. 

    H.B. Fuller Beauty adhesive formulations cater to different wear durations, skin sensitivities, and personal preferences, and they can be customized to your brand’s preference, based on consumption volumes. 

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