Enabling sustainability and embracing our responsibility to protect the planet

At H.B. Fuller, sustainability is foundational to who we are and a source of innovation and competitive advantage. We are committed to thoughtfully considering the impact of our operations, people, and products on the environment, the communities where we live and work, and our stakeholders around the world.

Our adhesives play a key role in helping address our customers' biggest needs around sustainability — from recycling and compostability to enabling the circular economy. As we move forward, our team remains committed to working closely with customers worldwide to contribute to a safer, healthier, and better world for generations to come.

Our sustainability philosophy is deeply embedded in our values, culture, and processes, and we follow a holistic strategy that aims to:

  • Enable our customers to improve their products and processes through solutions that help them achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Optimize our facilities’ operations and process efficiency.
  • Engage our employees in being knowledgeable about and responsible for safety, wellness, and achieving our sustainability targets.

This is not solely a question of business results; it comes down to being a "model corporate citizen". By focusing our expertise on connecting what matters and reducing our carbon footprint, we are creating sustainable and responsible business growth while supporting communities and life as we know it.