Discover our Adhesive Products

Explore H.B. Fuller's innovative and high-performance adhesives designed for unmatched bonding performance. With a wide variety of technologies, our products serve several industries from packaging to automotive to construction and many others. These technologies include hot melt, cyanoacrylate, water-based, urethane, epoxy, solvent-based, solventless, coatings, and sealants.

H.B. Fuller supports customers in meeting their business goals and goes beyond, providing advanced adhesive solutions and making us your trusted partner for every project.

We power our adhesives business with a dedicated focus on innovation, utilizing three key work processes:

  1. Driving customer demand with the creation of new products
  2. Enhancing existing products
  3. Developing innovative manufacturing processes

Creative, customer-first thinking is at the core of our products, as we leverage our expertise and cultivate strong partnerships to pioneer advancements in bonding technology.

structural-bonding Markets

H.B. Fuller provides a line of advanced, tailored adhesive and sealant solutions ensuring superior performance and durability across various leading industries, with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

speaker Technologies

H.B. Fuller offers a wide range of adhesive technologies, including mastics, coatings, and sealants. Our industry-leading team commits to innovation and high standards, ensuring superior quality and performance for your projects.

Sutures Applications

As a global leader in manufacturing adhesives, H.B. Fuller provides a complete range of innovative, high-quality products for a variety of applications across diverse sectors, ensuring sustainability and customer satisfaction.