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If you are looking to solve common automotive aftermarket issues, count on us to develop superior automotive adhesives that improve on the conventional processes, replace the bulky aftereffects of punching and folding, and open the door for lightweight designs. With tighter seals and stronger bonds, our aftermarket solutions offer improved automotive repair solutions that are capable of fastening synthetic materials and can reduce noise and vibration better than other bonding procedures.

We have a broad range of automotive adhesive solutions that are engineered to help you perform tasks faster and better using the latest technologies. From methylmethacrylates (MMAs), cyanoacrylates, high-bond acrylic tapes, MS polymer-based, 1k elastic and 2k structural polyurethanes to flange sealants, threadlockers, and anaerobic and silicone sealants, we have a full line of products for a wide range of automotive aftermarket applications. 

Those applications include:

  • Exterior Lighting
  • Engine Hood
  • Roof Ditch Moldings
  • Spoiler Attachment
  • Product Badging
  • Sheet Molded Compound
  • Boot Lid Assembly
  • Rear Decorative Molding
  • Side Molding
  • Wheel Well Flairs and Insert Attachments
  • Ground Effect
  • Seam Sealing

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