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FAA Compliant

When it comes to roadway and runway safety, there is no substitute for H.B. Fuller’s Q-Seal™ 295-P606 two-component, polyurethane FAA P-606 compliant concrete sealant. Not only is it used in roadways and runways around the world, but it also was specifically formulated as a crack sealer, thereby helping make vehicle and plane safety a reality by ensuring surfaces are well-maintained.

Given that the number of cars worldwide continues to increase along with a growing number of airline flights, the Q-Seal™ 295-P606 road sealant is the ideal innovative, cutting-edge product solution to address growing market demand.

Some of the benefits of the concrete sealant include:

  • weather and chemical-resistant waterproof seal

  • zero solvents and VOCs

  • does not expand or flow above the joint

  • 100 percent solid system

  • gels within five minutes and cures within 20 minutes

  • exceptional chemical resistance to de-icing fluid types I, II, III and IV, de-icing salts (including 50 percent by weight), potassium acetate, gasoline, jet fuels, hydraulic brake fluid, and motor oil

Additionally, H.B. Fuller is the only manufacturer to use urethane rather than epoxies or polyesters (which emit dangerous carcinogens) and to mix the concrete sealant mechanically to prevent varied consistency.

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