Duct and Conduit Sealing

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At H.B. Fuller, our duct and conduit sealing solutions for the telecom industry are safe, durable, and highly innovative. Our groundbreaking products include expanding foams, paste-like compounds, heavy duty injection guns, and complimentary products.

Expanding Foams

The Q-Pak™ 2000, Q-Tel™ 2032 and Q-Tel™ 2063 are two-component polyurethane foams used for sealing risers, conduits, ducts, and abandoned gas pipes against water, gas, and debris. They are inexpensive, safe, easily installed, and easily removed. They seal virtually any size and type of pipe or conduit: PVC, ABS, metal, clay, or fiberglass. 

Paste-like Compounds

The Q-Tel™ 2027 is a two-component polyurethane paste-like compound. It is fast-setting and capable of providing gas tight seals in various applications, including manholes, building, and cable vaults. Additionally, it is an approved Bell system duct sealer.

Heavy Duty Injection Guns

The Q-Tel™ 2036 and 2037 injection guns are hand operated and can be used to apply Q-Tel™ compounds packaged in the barrier kit cartridges and Q-Pak™ kits. A hand operated and ratchet type gun, the Q-Tel™ 265 injection gun applies “double barrel” or “side-by-side” Q-Tel™ compounds. It is highly durable and heavy duty, capable of withstanding stark working and handling conditions.

Complimentary Products

The Q-Tel™ 2032 MW non-flammable insulating strips, used as packing material in the Q-Tel™ 2032-RFR fire retardant duct sealing foam, is made of mineral wool. It also provides a fire retardant seal on conduits when used in lieu of the polyurethane strips with the Q-Pak™ 2000 and Q-Tel™ 2032 kits.

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