Packaging Reinforcement and Containment

Boxes stacked in a warehouse enhanced with packaging reinforcement adhesive solutions from H.B. Fuller.

Our Sesame® reinforcement tapes help to improve the overall performance of your bulk bins, shipping containers, and heavy-duty boxes. It is engineered for strength and offers targeted reinforcement to critical areas of all types of corrugated boxes. This cost effective, fully integrated packaging reinforcements can be applied to a wide range of packages at the wet or dry end of the corrugator.

  • Increase stacking strength, compression strength, and weight carrying capacity
  • Decrease bulge, elephant footing and prevent burst
  • Prevent vertical and horizontal failures

Sesame® Tape

Our fully-integrated reinforcement systems can be applied to a wide range of corrugated and folding carton packaging and are designed to create better functionality with optimal performance and light weight the packaging to be more sustainable.

Sesame® Dispensing System
We design and manufacture patented, easy-to-use equipment to both dispense and apply our handle reinforcement and opening system technologies. In addition, we install our equipment in your plant and provide you with ongoing technical support to ensure you obtain optimum production levels.

Sesame® Dry End Tape

  • Dry end application
  • Hand hole reinforcement
Technology Documentation
Sesame® Dry End Tape
Used for access hole or handle reinforcement on beverage and beer boxes, appliances, and parts
Reinforcement and Opening Tear Tape | Reinforcement and Opening Tear Tape

Sesame® Tape

  • Increase stacking strength
  • Reduce bulge and prevent burst
  • Improve endurance in supply chain
Technology Documentation
Sesame® Tape
Used for all types of rsc bulk bins frozen food box
Reinforcement and Opening Tear Tape | Reinforcement and Opening Tear Tape

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