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Adhesives in Food Packaging

We expect our food and beverages to be safe. Appropriate packaging helps to ensure the foodstuff is protected and remains fresh and uncontaminated from farm to fork. 

Adhesives in food packaging

Adhesives are a small, but essential, component of food packaging. H.B. Fuller develops high-performance adhesives for the full range of food and beverage applications. Our methods reliably assess the safety of adhesives used in food packaging applications. We work closely with customers to understand their needs and provide them with safe, high-performance adhesives and advise on their usage. 
Here, we will: 

  • Explore the background to key legislation relevant to food packaging. 
  • Explain the main concepts related to adhesives in food safe packaging. 
  • Examine ways of measuring the impact of the adhesive on the packed food. 
  • Review the implications for the main types of packaging used for food and beverages. 
  • Learn the process developed by H.B. Fuller to help the food and beverage industry deliver products that are safe, fresh and in optimum condition. 

The food packaging regulatory landscape

Learn about food packaging legislation with a focus on food contact materials and the status of adhesives in current food packaging regulations. We examine topics related to the use of packaging adhesives, such as the migration of substances, including mineral oils, and flexible packaging. We also provide a useful summary of food packaging legislation in other parts of the world.  

Food packaging materials

Click here for guidance on the implication of food packaging regulations for the main types of materials used for food packaging, such as folding cartons, corrugated boxes, labels, flexible packaging, paper shopping bags, kitchen towels, and paper bags for flour, sugar and other foodstuffs.  

The H.B. Fuller way to food safe packaging

Our regulatory specialists are experts in all aspects of food safe packaging. They can guide you every step of the way – from selection of raw materials, through documentation and testing, to evaluation of the packed food – to help ensure the packaging for your food and beverage products is safe and effective.  

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