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H.B. Fuller offers premium solutions to the transportation industry, including the highest-performing roof and seam sealants on the market. Our products address evolving roof and seam protection demands for recreational vehicles (RVs)busescargo trailers, and heavy duty trucks. Since we understand the stringent requirements of your industry, we develop customized products that keep your vehicles on the road longer, come rain or shine. Solutions for Every Challenge
We have you covered with our high-performance tapes for virtually all roof types, roof accessories, and seams that are available for simple, lasting applications on every surface used in the industry. Higher-strength and flexibility under extreme temperatures, water- and air-tight protection, and ease-of-application are only a few of the advantages of our tapes, which protect vehicles by preventing weathering decomposition before it starts. More and more manufacturers are also using our one-step installation tape to make permanent, aesthetically pleasing repairs to roofs, seams, and corners of units.

The increasing demand for thermal shock resistance in roof and seam sealants is a manufacturing priority. EternaBond® is our highest-performing sealant ready to meet this challenge. EternaBond® utilizes MicroSealant®  technology to create a barrier that remains flexible in hot and cold extremes, from temperatures as low as -70 up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit. For example, this thermal resistance is critical to ensuring the lasting performance of air-conditioning units and windows installed in RV roofs.

EternaBond® also offers high-grade UV-light protection and is engineered to flexibly bond to the surface to prevent shrinking and cracking in roofs and seams, which are exposed to repeated environmental stress.

A leaking roof can not only impact the trailer’s structure, but it can also damage the contents inside.  Aluminum sheets used on cargo trailers are particularly vulnerable. Our tapes can eliminate this concern by blocking out moisture, creating a waterproof seal. You won’t need additional sealants, because our tape has a built-in primer, which creates efficiencies by reducing materials costs and production time.

The application and appearance of sealant tapes are also important factors to consider in roof and seam manufacturing or repair. Our tapes are superior to liquid sealants when it comes to repair and restoration because of their simple, one-step installation process that can eliminate the mess and wasted time involved in applying multiple liquid coatings, making for a quick, clean repair that is ready for the long-haul.

Your peace of mind is always at the top of our minds, that’s why H.B. Fuller continues to develop intelligent, customized products to provide you with roof and seam protection you can trust. Talk to an H.B. Fuller expert today about how we can solve your transportation sealant needs.

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