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EternaBond®brand semi-permanent roof repair tape, based on H.B. Fuller’s trademarked MicroSealant®technology, is one of the most trusted names in roof repair and quick sealing tapes. The products is available in various widths, from two inches to several feet wide. The exceptionally high tack tape goes down primerless and adheres to almost any substrate found on a roof.

EternaBond’s broad product line ranges from the TPO backed RoofSeal™ (available in several colors) to specialty products such as CopperFlash™ and AlumiBond™. EternaBond®WebSeal®is a fabric backed tape that will accept coatings and is perfect for bridging seams prior to application of roof coatings or liquid applied flashing systems.
H.B. Fuller’s EternaBond® is also available in a double-sided version, branded DoubleStick™. DoubleStick™ makes a great repair on granulated modified bitumen or shingle roofing where color-matched granules can be sprinkled onto and rolled into the adhesive surface matching the existing roof. Alternatively, DoubleStick™ can be used as a permanently flexible putty tape for waterproofing voids and around penetrations, prior to the installation of a structural sealing system.

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MicroSealant® Technology

MicroSealant® Technology are specially-formulated sealants that form a stable molecular structure that is light, heat and ozone resistant. This formulation consists of synthetic polymers with a built-in primer and wide-temperature resistance that forms an instant bond to most substrates that creates a waterproof seal.

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