Supporting the Next Generation

Youth race participants

H.B. Fuller employees are passionate about supporting their communities, and we want to facilitate highly impactful connections with local nonprofits. 

H.B. Fuller had an opportunity to use its technology to help a group of young innovators working to advance sustainable solutions. Blue Sky Solar Racing at the University of Toronto is a team of undergraduate students that designs, builds, and races solar-powered race cars. The team is currently working on its 10th car with the goal of competing in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge race in Australia. Over the past 22 years, Blue Sky has built nine solar race cars and competed in 13 competitions around the world. They are currently the top solar race car team in Canada and one of the leading teams in North America. The team is hoping its latest car is the fastest and most energy-efficient built to date.

Building for the future

Blue Sky needed an adhesive to help them assemble their car. H.B. Fuller’s structural adhesive bonding products enable durable metal-to-metal bonding and are used in the automotive, construction, electrical, industrial, and marine markets. Our team in Rexdale, Canada, was happy to help Blue Sky find the right product to make sure their car is ready for the challenge they will be taking on.

Solar car

“H.B. Fuller was gracious enough to support us with the adhesive products that we need. Their contribution not only helps us complete our car but also meets the performance and quality that we desire.”

– Hubaab Hussain

Managing Director, Blue Sky Solar Racing



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