Leading an Ethical Culture


A History of Strong Corporate Governance

Doing business ethically is a great source of pride for our company. We believe that an ethical culture is critical to our growth. Customers choose to work with us due to our integrity and unwavering commitment to upholding the highest ethical principles and corporate responsibility. We expect our employees, regardless of the position or function they perform, to support our commitment by acting in an ethical manner every day.

“Navigating the coronavirus pandemic over the last year has highlighted the inter-dependencies of business operations across regions, industries and communities around the world. In this environment, as in the past, “winning the right way” is a key value and driver of success for H.B. Fuller. Count on us to continue operating with transparency and integrity and collaborating with our stakeholders to become more efficient and resilient in times of crisis. Together with our more than 6,000 employees around the world, our customers, and our partners, we are committed to building a future of shared success to achieve sustainable growth by following the highest standards of ethics and compliance.” – Tim Keenan, Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

A History of Strong Corporate Governance

The responsibility to advance corporate citizenship at H.B. Fuller starts at the top with our Board, our corporate officers, and our Chief Executive Officer, and cascades through our structure. From the Board Committee Charters and Governance Guidelines to our Business Code of Conduct and Core Values, our governance principles provide a framework that defines the roles, rights, and responsibilities of our Board, corporate and regional management, and all employees. We regularly post governance news, events, and information in the Investor Relations section of our website

Board meeting in a conference room with employees wearing masks during the pandemic.

Communication and training

To ensure that all employees comprehend our ethical principles, we offer a range of resources, including required online training courses and an employee helpline.

When issues arise, employees are encouraged to speak up to report concerns and potential legal or ethical violations. H.B. Fuller presents varied options for reporting, including managers, HR representatives, the Law department or our 24-hour ethics helpline, through which employees may report confidentially and, where allowed by law, anonymously, by internet or phone.

In 2020, H.B. Fuller employees worldwide were trained on a variety of ethics and compliance topics including: Anti-Trust Competition, Health & Safety, Corporate Governance, Records Retention, Business Confidentiality, Securities and Insider Trading, Information Security, Data Protection, Harassment, and the Code of Conduct with certification. We achieved completion rates of 94% across all our employees. The goal is to maintain our high completion rate for training and to continue to evaluate our initiatives to make sure they remain effective