Rail Manufacturing Adhesives and Sealants


Careful consideration of how the interior of a railcar is produced can mean the difference between a noisy and unstable experience, or a comfortable and pleasant commute that transports passengers to their destinations safely and happily. 

Adhesives and sealants used in mass transit can serve to improve the acoustics in these forms of transportation, quieting the interior. They provide more stable construction for a smoother ride. And, they enable use of lighter materials in the manufacturing process that are more flexible and perform well under high, constant stress.

Improving the acoustics of railcars is best accomplished with a bonding agent on wooden floors instead of screws, which only serve to amplify acoustic decoupling between the floor and chassis, leading to a louder interior. Bonded windowpanes reduce overall weight of the railcar and also improve the entire railcar system’s stability, further contributing to a smoother ride.

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