Family on a boat deck.

Deck Bonding 

Decks made from real wood like teak, PVC or polyurethane are increasingly popular both on private boats and on cruise ships. They are installed not only for optical reasons, but also to ensure that the deck is slip-resistant, offers insulation both in winter and summer, and protects the substructure from corrosion and solar radiation. Decks are bonded over the entire surface, as this helps prevent cavities where water could accumulate. Depending on the construction of the ship and the type of deck, our deck bonding solutions offer the proper system that fits the respective purpose.

Deck Caulking 

Marine decks can be made from real wood, PVC or polyurethane. For real wood decks, it is particularly important to durably protect the joints against water intrusion. Our deck caulking products fulfill the highest requirements when it comes to salt and fresh water resistance as well as UV. Additionally, the joints allow for permanent absorption of movement while simultaneously being easy to process and sand.


Furthermore, the bedding of deck floors is subject to volume changes as well as thermal changes in length caused by temperature differences. Our deck caulks meets these requirements as the bedding compound has both high flexibility and great strength to keep the deck flooring in place.

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