Tapes, Labels and Graphics

Rolls of colorful tape.

Rely on our market-focused team to deliver a comprehensive line of pressure sensitive adhesives for your adhesive coated tape, and label needs.

Our diverse portfolio includes hot melts, solvent-based acrylic and rubber formulations and water-based acrylic emulsions. We work closely with you to understand your requirements, validate products in our pilot coating facility and deliver value.

Our adhesive portfolio includes products for these applications:

  • Labels - permanent and removable
  • Tapes - durable, double-sided
  • Protective films - displays, black white, windows
  • Graphics - internal and external
  • Medical - plasters and Band-Aids

HL 2053

  • Multi-purpose adhesive excellent for corrugated applications
  • Laser printable
  • Good release from silicone release liner

HL 2268

  • Light adhesion
  • Low staining properties
  • Excellent for paper labeling

HL 2711 DR

  • Very high tack for tight skin adhesion EKG and other dermal pads NAMSA approved
Technology Documentation
HL 2711 DR

HL 2900

  • Wide temperature range adhesive
  • Does not prematurely activate monochromatic inks/void message

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