H.B. Fuller’s comprehensive line of water-based adhesives provide bonding and coating solutions for the aerospace, automotive, appliance, HVAC, transportation, marine, industrial assembly, filtration, woodworking, panel manufacturing, lamination, and textile industries. Our water-based adhesives are excellent options for high-speed application and assembly bonding. They are excellent for bonding foams, sponges, wood, treated wood, laminates, paper, textiles, felt, coated fabric, leather, carpet, metal, plastics, fiberglass, rubbers, EPDM, vinyl films, thermoset plastics, TPO, and fibers.

H.B. Fuller’s water-based adhesives key advantages include:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High green strength (initial hold)
  • High flexibility at low temperature
  • Reactive, cross-linking durability for some products
  • High adhesion and environmental resistance
  • Expertise to formulate products for special applications
  • A world-class team of sales, service and technical professionals to assist you with making the right adhesive choice

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Technology Documentation
Used for bonding open cell urethane foams in high stress geometries and other porous or nonporous surfaces su chassis finishing, example: side-panelling chassis finishing example sidepanellingpress laminationsidepanelling press lamination side-panelling
2K Polyurethane | 2K Polyurethane | Polychloroprene | Water-based | Water-based
Used for bonding open cell urethane foams in high stress geometries and other porous or nonporous surfaces su
Natural Rubber | Water-based
Used for bonding various substrates found in marine industry including open cell urethane foams foam backed h
Polychloroprene | Water-based
Used for bonding foams and foam fabrication including open cell polyurethane foam
Polychloroprene | Water-based
Used for also used for bonding and laminating porous and non-porous substrates bonding open cell urethane foams and textiles laminating polyester headliner to fiberglass on inside of cabin cap or lid
2K-Water-based | 2K-Water-based | Polychloroprene | Water-based | Water-based
Used for bonding epdm tpo metal plywood and concrete in industrial assembly and rv and trailer roofing and fl
Synthetic Rubber | Water-based
Used for bonding wood particle board veneers plastics fabrics and closed cell foams for high pressure laminat
Polychloroprene | Water-based
Used for bonding and laminating open cell urethane foams and other porous or nonporous surfaces including ope
Polychloroprene | Water-based
Swift®tak 48005
Used for lamination of textiles carpet plastic film and rubber films to a wide variety of substrates paper and vinyl lamination vinyl and paper continuous panel lamination
Synthetic Resin | Synthetic Rubber | Water-based

Liquid Adhesive

Technology Documentation
Used for bonding rigid pvc flexible pvc plywood and wood
VAE | Water-based
Used for bonding a variety of facing to fiberglass insulation
Acrylic | Water-based
TruTac 2128
Used for bonding insulation to stainless and galvanized steel duct work
Acrylic | Water-based

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Technology Documentation
Used for bonding epdm rubber elastomers painted surfaces glass vinyl flexible pvc foam sponges fabric wood le
Acrylic | Water-based
Used for fugitive coating to protect metals fiberglass contoured sheets and variety of other surfaces from we
Latex Emulsion | Modified Rubber | Water-based
Used for tape and foam pressure sensitive bonding applications such as foam sponge vinyl film glass painted s
Acrylic | Water-based

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