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Increasing environmental awareness of consumers, subsequent regulations and the popularized move towards a circular economy across various industries is driving the hygiene industry to improve the sustainability of its products and processes.

The estimated growth of this green and sustainable segment of the market is projected at 10% CAGR globally, and we have seen a range of new sustainable solutions appearing in the marketplace in the past few years. From increasing bio-based, biodegradable or compostable claims on the articles to widening country plans for recycling used products, there are a number of sustainability-driven options for the hygiene industry. 

Role of Adhesives

While adhesives play a critical role in bonding multiple diaper components together, they typically account for less than 5% of the total weight of a disposable hygiene article. Innovations in the adhesive industry have enabled environmental improvements from achieving significant reduction of the overall diaper thickness/weight to reduced add-on and energy spend on the adhesives themselves. 

To ensure we continue help the manufacturers achieve their sustainability goals effectively, the H.B. Fuller team of scientists and regulatory experts are on the forefront of keeping track of the dynamic regulations around the world. We work closely with manufacturers and industry co-suppliers globally to find the most optimal adhesive solutions when transitioning to more eco-friendly substrates.

Bio-based Adhesive

The sustainability trend in the hygiene market has manifested itself most notably in the renewed interest in natural materials using bio-renewable or waste feedstock that could help to reduce carbon footprint. In addition, the inherent biodegradability of some renewable materials is often higher than that of synthetic materials. 

Hot melt adhesive formulations traditionally rely on fossil fuel-based components, but to address the demand for more sustainable solution H.B. Fuller developed hot melt adhesives for key adhesive applications, replacing some of those raw materials with bio-based, renewable materials.

Our adhesives with up to 50% bio content also possess desired mechanical and chemical properties which contribute to their efficiency:

  • Excellent performance: the bonding performance of these bio adhesives remains strong across wide ranges of substrates.
  • Temperature resistance: bio-based hot melt glues are resistant to temperature extremes, making them suitable for the broad range of possible applications conditions.
  • Easy conversion: our bio-based hot melts can be applied using the same equipment used with traditional hot melt adhesives. This makes shifting between hot melt products less costly. 

What is Next?
At H.B. Fuller, we are dedicated to finding solutions to improve the environmental impact and make our planet healthier and safer place. As bio-based adhesives are gaining more popularity, we are working on increasing the bio content to the levels desired by our customers. Contact us to learn more.

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