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Advantra® Adhesives - High Performance. Reliable. Trusted.

Advantra® packaging hot melt adhesives offer you the ultimate in performance. Our reliable products ensure superior bonding, thermal stability, clean machining and low total cost of ownership. Even at extremely low temperatures, our packaging hot melt adhesive line offers the sealing advantage your business needs.

  • Clean consistent machining, reduces maintenance, repair and parts replacement
  • Stronger bonds with less adhesive. Reliably closes more boxes with less.
Technology Documentation
Advantra® PHC 8290
Used for multi-purpose adhesive for cases that are exposed to high heat and limited compression
Hot Melt
Advantra® PHC 9254
Used for cases and cartons that require high hot tack and adhesion to difficult-to-bond substrates
Hot Melt
Advantra® PHC 9256
Used for cases that are on very fast lines where set speed and heat resistance is required
Advantra® Warrior
Used for powerful bonding on most common case and carton substrate with versatile properties to cover from fr
Hot Melt

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