Getting Started


If your company already uses Office 365 and that is the email address the invitation was sent to, click the link to the site in the email invitation you received and enter your Office 365 login credentials.  If asked whether this is a Microsoft or Organizational account, choose Organizational.

If your company is NOT using Office 365, in order to get started on the SharePoint site you were invited to, you must first associate a Microsoft Account with your email address using the following site:

There, fill out all required information, using the email address that the invitation was sent to. Once you have created your account, you will receive a second email prompting you to verify your email address.

After you have verified your email address, return to the original email invitation. Click the site link to log in with your email address and the password you just created.

Note: If you already have a Microsoft Account associated with the email address where you received the email invitation, you can just click the site link from the email. You do not need to associate it again.

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