Insulating the World with Green Construction

Residential green building solutions from H.B. Fuller.
The Construction industry is under heavy discussion and subject to regulations related to the energy performance of buildings. It is estimated that in the U.S. alone, more than $300 billion each year is lost to drafty doors and windows, inefficient appliances, and other energy wasters that could be easily remedied. In Europe, buildings consume more than 40% of the energy generated. Adhesives play a bigger role in sustainability than one might think.

Building in an energy- and resource- efficient way

We take on the issue of renewable energy from multiple angles, creating quality materials that add sustainability to the life of our products and the communities where they are used. Our low-emitting products help insulation and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) units perform as designed by keeping them dry and protected from the elements that would decrease their efficiency so their use can help reduce energy usage.

It is easy to think of insulation as little more than material that helps to buffer the indoors against heat or cold. However, insulation is a multi-tasking part of construction, serving to minimize energy use, carbon dioxide emissions, and when necessary, fire hazards. To this end, an increasing number of regions are developing strict standards for clean, efficient, and conservational building, and it is our mission to provide quality sealants, adhesives, and insulation coatings that balance both environment and performance.
Sharing such a wide conservational goal means more than just producing good products – it is about ensuring that the design of new and renovated buildings at all stages is in line with the needs of the circular economy and climate-proofing of the building stock.

Our ambition also strives to build a greener community at large. Whether it is creating less emissions while developing our products, reducing the amount of waste used in construction materials, or saving energy with effective insulation and sealants, we care about the environmental impact on our customers and community and reducing our footprint in the world.

The European Green Deal: Transforming the EU's economy for a sustainable future

The European Green Deal is the new anchor strategy of the European Union. It is a recent ambitious collection of measures that should allow European citizens and businesses to benefit from sustainable green transition. Strategic measures accompany an initial roadmap of key policies ranging from aggressively reducing emissions and pollution, investing in clean and affordable energy, mobilizing the industry for a circular economy and digitalization, designing a more sustainable food system, and preserving Europe’s natural ecosystems.

Electric vehicle battery adhesives and sealants for sustainability.

“Becoming the world’s first climate-neutral continent is the greatest challenge and opportunity of our times. It involves taking decisive action now. We will need to invest in innovation and research, redesign our economy and update our industrial policy.”
– Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission