Our Mission and Culture

Teamwork and diversity at H.B. Fuller.

Our culture at H.B. Fuller is built on a clear vision: to be the best adhesives company in the world. Our vision, combined with our beliefs, ground us and set the foundation for employee and company success. 

We embrace a shared set of ideals that direct the way we operate and express our fundamental beliefs about how we will achieve success. 

Our Beliefs

The Spirit of Winning. We choose to excel, delivering outstanding offerings to our customers, and superior results for our shareholders. We bring passion and creativity to our work, and innovation to our products and processes.

The Power of Collaboration. We recognize the power of diverse opinions and engage our global team to enrich outcomes for our customers, and to transform and energize our honesty, responsibility and respect.

The Essence of Courage. We prize leadership, and strive to empower our organization - and ourselves - to be more than we are. We act with integrity; do the right things at all times; take educated, thoughtful risks; and hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions.


Individually, our employees are given the opportunity to make a difference. Collectively, our employees all work together to make a difference on a global level. H.B. Fuller currently has employees present in over 40 countries around the world. Our recruiting strategies ensure we are bringing in talent from all backgrounds. We maintain relationships with a number of universities, organizations and agencies that advance our diversity initiatives. Additionally, employees are required to abide by H.B. Fuller’s Code of Business Conduct, which requires a work environment that is free from unfair treatments and discriminations.

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