H.B. Fuller's Close-Sesame™ tape is an in-line application that can be integrated into at the dry end of the corrugator. By using the Sesame dispensing system, it does not require slowing down of the corrugator’s speed, and the Close-Sesame™ tape is applied continuously by roll-to-roll splicing capability. Adding this application gives more cost-effective closing designs for both simple and complex packaging systems, especially for online retailers.

  • High initial tack for instant adhesion
  • Reduce process costs by eliminating manual or offline application
  • Integrated into the corrugation line that enables run at full speed
  • Minimize corrugator downtime and waste with roll-to-roll splicing
  • Offer greater flexibility for complex package designs

Open-Sesame® Tear Tape Opening

Close-Sesame™ for E-commerce and Fulfillment Operations

As more and more individuals shop online, the need for more functional packaging solutions across the globe continues to grow. Because many economies are adopting e-retail at a very fast pace, manufacturers are being called to provide an e-commerce retail packaging solutions that do not compromise the packing and fulfillment process. Some online retailers and supply chain players are offering new ways for customers to shop, including same day delivery, ordering online and picking up at the store, and a variety of products packed in one box.

Build Brand Image and Loyalty

  • Enables resealable/returnable packaging design with Close-Sesame™ tape closing combined with Sesame tear-tape opening
  • Delight customers with an improved customer experience with easy opening on sustainable packaging
  • Efficient and cost effective integrated application
  • Applied at the speed of corrugator with roll-to-roll splicing
  • Strong initial tack 
Technology Documentation
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Reinforcement and Opening Tear Tape

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