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H.B. Fuller TONSAN’s Reliable Adhesive Solutions for PV Double-glass Panel Assembly

PV panel assembly
Posted 06/07/2017 by Bingchen Li, PV Product Manager, H.B. Fuller

In the global PV market, the double-glass panel assembly is increasingly becoming one of the main products of choice for assembly manufacturers. Every year a large number of double-glass panel assemblies are manufactured, assembled and launched into the global market.   As a result, H.B. Fuller is committed to safeguarding the efficiency, safety, endurance, adhesion and sealing of the assembly process. As the leading global manufacturer of industrial adhesives, it is our honor to share...

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Adhesives, Sealants, and the Solar Module Installation Process

Headshot of David Mcdougall from the clean energy market.
Posted 04/04/2017 by Matt Perry, Global Director, Engineering Adhesives, Clean Energy & Electronics

Shown here is David McDougall from the Photovoltaic Group.  Senior Business Development Manager for H.B. Fuller’s Photovoltaic Group, David McDougall, has been instrumental in enabling the organization to provide adhesives, sealants, and specialty chemicals for solar products worldwide, particularly with the purchase of TONSAN Adhesive Inc. in 2014. Since that time, H.B. Fuller has only continued to grow its solar products operating arm, and it continues to be a major player in the ma...

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What Solar Installers Should Know About Solar Adhesives and Sealants

Solar panel (PV) installation on a roof.
Posted 06/20/2016 by David McDougall, Sr. Business Development Manager, Photovoltaic

 Although adhesives and sealants are small pieces of the solar module installation process, they play a big part in the quality, reliability and lifespans of modules. Despite this, their roles in crafting and installing modules is often not fully understood. To make the most of installations, it’s critical for installers to understand how these materials can help complete successful projects that withstand extreme temperatures and conditions for decades. Let’s dive into what int...

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Innovation in Solar Power is Now on the Fast Track

Solar Panel with sun reflecting off of it representing adhesives for solar panels (PV) from H.B. Fuller.
Posted 06/02/2016 by David McDougall, Sr. Business Development Manager, Photovoltaic

Solar manufacturers continue to look for a collaborative partner who gives them the competitive edge and that can provide key insights and solutions to the industry’s emerging trends, and we, at H.B. Fuller, are equipped with the segments, reach and technologies to do just that. Our TONSAN business, acquired in 2015, has a strong legacy in China that was grounded in delivering a high-quality, engineering adhesives, sealants, and solutions approach, and will live on while blended with H.B. ...

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