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In the Roadmap of High Performance and Sustainability

Posted 09/14/2018 by Elizabeth Staab, Marketing Manager, Packaging Solutions EIMEA

Did you notice packaging is all around us, connecting our daily lives in different sizes and shapes? Consumers use it in multiple ways – to wrap, pack or cover most of their goods – and are increasingly demanding versatility to go hand-in-hand with performance and sustainability.

Packaging MattersWoman in store holding a small box.

Have you ever thought how packaging habits influence our daily lives? Take a cereal box, for instance. Did you know the first breakfast cereal, back in the 19th Century, was packed into a plain, brown, cardboard box, thus beginning the iconic association to the cereal box? A recent study found that brand trust increases and consumers are more encouraged to buy cereal when the box features a character that appears to be making eye contact.

Fun facts aside, the relevance of the cardboard used in packaging is extended when you think of its environmental impact and how this has been driving manufacturers to pursue continuous improvement every year. In Germany alone, individuals waste about 222 Kg of packaging materials per year. The same is true across Europe, where heavy consumerism of boxes is affecting the ecological footprint and living conditions of future generations. The sheer amount of required energy to maintain a single packing production line shows how urgently this issue needs to be addressed.

Can Packaging Adhesive Performance Meet Sustainability?

As stated by a large packaging manufacturer, “sustainability is not a trend [anymore], it’s a requirement.” The goal then must now be to create more sustainable packaging that also performs well throughout the supply chain.

There is increasing pressure on suppliers to the packaging making industry to focus design, materials and operational processes on sustainability, including energy saving and waste reduction. The European Commission is committed to driving energy and efficiency regulations across Europe and to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050, a number below 1990s levels. The need for serious change goes even further, with specific EU goals being implemented for recycling plastics and targeting a better strategy for a Circular Economy. This strong regulatory framework sets the stage for new materials, whose properties can have an impact on what holds a package together.

Innovation as the Key Driver

What if your adhesive supplier could help you in this journey? At H.B. Fuller, we rely on innovation to respond to performance and compliance challenges, and our technical experts are committed to bring you the best adhesive fit for each packaging application. We have worked hard and are now pleased to announce our most recent development for Case and Carton applications – Advantra® LT 9135 – a new adhesive complementing our Advantra® LT 9110, allowing for optimal performance, while also enabling significant energy efficiencies, material consumption savings and further safety at the packing line, when compared to a standard hot melt adhesive.

Curious to know more about Advantra® LT 9135? Contact us today!


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