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Posted 05/09/2018 by Shou Ping Li, Asia Pacific Engineering Adhesives Technical Director

Meina Du is the manager of industry structural adhesives in the engineering adhesives R&D department in H.B. Fuller’s Asia-Pacific Region. She received her Ph.D. from the Beijing Institute of Technology in 2008 and then joined Tonsan Adhesive, Inc., which was acquired by H.B. Fuller in 2015.

In 2017, Meina’s team was the first ever to supply flame-retardant (UL94V0) acrylic structural adhesives to battery pack producers which serve the electric vehicles industry. This has been incredibly beneficial for customers in addition to acting as a point of growth for the near future.

The flame-retardant, low odor structural adhesive has excellent shear and peel strength along with good impact resistance and durability. The open time is between 6-15 minutes at room temperature, and the final strength can be reached in 24 hours. The adhesive can bond most metals and plastics quickly with minimal surface preparation.

A Welcome Challenge

Meina and her work on structural adhesives is just one of the many ways that members of the H.B. Fuller family are #ConnectingWhatMatters. Though challenging and stressful, Meina feels that being an R&D scientist is the source of her greatest accomplishments. The larger the challenge, the more capable she realizes she is in overcoming it.

Meina is particularly passionate about encouraging young girls interested in science to continue learning and to trust in themselves. Learning is a lifelong endeavor.

H.B. Fuller is proud of the work that Meina and her team are doing and look forward to continued success in the electric vehicles industry.


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