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Is Your Fulfillment Efficient Enough to Cope with Online Demand Peaks?

Posted 06/16/2016 by Frederic Di Monte, Marketing Manager, Packaging Solutions

During the Summer holiday sales, Christmas season or “Black Friday,” for example, stores are in need of more sales staff than usual and more primary packing on store shelves and warehouses than at other times. And like retail stores, online shopping experiences its demand peaks too.

These peak times present many challenges for online retailers’ fulfillment centers, such as being able to pack shipping boxes of different sizes and ship them within 24 hours to the correct end users without damaging its contents. These times continue to place high stress on workers and packaging lines, and productivity remains a key financial and customer experience success factor for online retailers. 

Manual operations and additional steps cost time and money during the online retail packaging process, including picking up the product in the racks, scanning it, placing the item on a conveyor belt in a box, adding filling packaging material to avoid item movement in an oversized box, and closing the box with a manual tape dispenser. 

H.B. Fuller Helps Save Time and Money

Using a pre-applied closing tape, like H.B. Fuller’s Close-Sesame™ Tape, eliminates the manual taping step. Alternatively, using cut-to-size automated packaging equipment with H.B Fuller’s hot melt adhesives removes the adding protective filler packaging material and manual taping steps altogether, enabling you to save time that is key to delivering on promises made to customers and shareholders.

Product returns might also present a bottleneck as, when customers decide to send back an online order, they use packing tape to close the box. The box then needs to be re-opened, using a cutter at the quality control checkpoint of the fulfillment center, and can vary in length of time depending on the quantity of packing tape used and any safety risks that need to be taken into account for the workers. 

Using shipping boxes with pre-applied Close-Sesame™ and an easy-opening Sesame® band enables customers to close the box without the need for packing tape, and the fulfillment center to open it quickly without the need for a cutter. The overall customer experience is enhanced, employee safety is improved and unpacking time is reduced.

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