Advantra® Warrior™


Advantra® Warrior™ is a high-performing adhesive with proprietary polymer technology that delivers strong bonds on cases and cartons across a multitude of environments. This allows manufacturers of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) to consolidate SKUs and streamline their supply chain. Independent testing proves that Advantra Warrior has superior white color over competitor products and excellent thermal stability, creating line efficiencies and eliminating char. This breakthrough, multipurpose Advantra hot melt, with a fighter brand price, stimulates productivity and a winning bottom line.

Performance Traits:

  • Excellent thermal stability to help reduce maintenance caused by char build-up 
  • Versatile, universal formula with properties to cover from freezer to heat applications
  • Powerful bonding for most common case and carton substrates
  • Clean machining, less stringing and angel-hairing
  • Low odor/Smoke-free environment to protect workers
  • Set Time: Fast
  • Molten Gardner Color: 1
  • Viscosity at Application Temp: 950 cP


  • Requires less maintenance
  • Maintains packaging aesthetics
  • Improves production efficiencies
  • Reduces SKUs and associated carrying costs
  • Fighter brand pricing
Advantra Warrior is Molten Gardner Color 1, as proven by independent testing.
Advantra Warrior is Molten Gardner Color 1, as proven by independent testing.

Utilize Advantra Warrior with H.B. Fuller FullVision® Services

Advantra Warrior, coupled with FullVision® Data-Analytics Service, supports bottom line growth. FullVision data-analytics reports help you determine the optimal amount of Advantra Warrior to use per substrate based on industry standards and applications. When you take advantage of our free FullVision service as an H.B. Fuller Advantra Warrior customer, you’ll receive unlimited data reports and consultations with H.B. Fuller engineers on how turn your machine data into actionable operational improvements.

Benefits include:

  • Saves average 10% in Advantra Warrior adhesive cost
  • Improves forecasting and inventory management
  • Visibility into adhesive cost per box
  • Bridges communication between purchasing and production teams
  • Reduces customer returns by incorporating FullCheck Adhesive Stencil into Quality Assurance (QA) process
  • Decreases downtime related to adhesive troubleshooting and diagnostics

Learn more about how FullVision Services complements Advantra Warrior, and contact us for your personalized Advantra Warrior and FullVision savings analysis!

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Advantra® Warrior
Used For powerful bonding on most common case and carton substrate with versatile properties to cover from fr
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