Royal Adhesives


H.B. Fuller is proud to include Royal Adhesives within its portfolio of brands and products as a leading manufacturer of high performance adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, and polymer costings - across a variety of markets and around the globe.

Featured Market


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Fuel Tank Sealing
Interior Panel, Flooring and Seat Assembly
Edge and Core Fill; Anchor Potting
Avionics Assembly and Potting

Featured Application

Insulating Glass (IG)

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Reactive Thermoplastic Spacer
Secondary Sealant

Featured Product

EternaBond® Tape

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Advanced MicroSealant® Adhesive Tape

Featured Market

Commercial Roofing

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Millennium One Step Foamable Adhesive®
Millennium PG-1 Adhesive
Millennium Lockin' Pocket® Inter-Locking Flashing System
Millennium EDPD Restoration Tapes

Royal Technologies

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