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A Look at Microsphere Technology

Microspheres are tiny particles measuring between 10 and 250 microns (1 millionth of a meter) in diameter. Individually invisible, when grouped together microspheres have a very visible effect. At H.B. Fuller, we’ve harnessed the power of microsphere technology to formulate water-based acrylic microsphere adhesives with ready-to-go formulations — as well as our unmatched customization capabilities — to meet your unique requirements.

Removable and Repositionable Microsphere Adhesive

In emulsion systems, the fine adhesive particles, when dried, coalesce to form a continuous film. This smooth adhesive film, in prolonged contact with a surface, will increase in peel strength over time.

Continuous adhesive films, in prolonged contact with a surface, increase in peel strength over time.

The mechanism by which a microsphere system operates is through its physical structure. The microsphere adhesive, when dried, will form a discontinuous bonding film. In the microsphere adhesive system, contact is limited to the tops of the spheres.

Removable and repositionable microsphere adhesive systems form a discontinuous bonding film.

Everyday Enhancement

Manufacturers are finding that commodity removable and ultra-removable adhesives have their shortcomings, and maybe some liabilities. Microsphere adhesives eliminate these issues, while also enhancing everyday items like:

  • Labels that can be removed without leaving any visible residue, markings, or damage
  • Photo albums
  • Consumer advertising
  • Masking tapes
  • Wall or window decals, graphics, and wallpapers
  • Removable note pads


Reform the Norm

At H.B. Fuller we have three ready-to-go microsphere formulations:

  • MS1000 Series Adhesives (adhesive notepads and news notes)
  • MS2000 Series Adhesives (Paper, self-wound rolls)
  • MS3000 Series Adhesives  (Paper and films, wall graphics, decals and signage)

The formula’s size difference impacts the adhesive tack, as contact between microspheres and surfaces occurs at the top of the spheres.

These formulas are far from your only options, with our team at H.B. Fuller boasting the longest track record of developing custom adhesive solutions. If you have a special project, we can create a unique formula to meet your needs and even provide technical support on how to properly coat.

Benefits of Microspheres

Emulsion adhesives coalesce to form a continuous film that’s uneasy to remove or reposition. Moreover, emulsion adhesives tend to build tack over time and become a more permanent bond. Microsphere adhesives, however, overcome these issues thanks to a size difference in their emulsion particles that reduces the contact area for a more controlled tack. This allows microsphere adhesives to form a discontinuous bonding film, resulting in a more stable tack with low peel and high removability.
Specifically, our removable and repositionable microsphere adhesive maintains its integrity for long periods of time without leaving any residue or damage to surfaces. The UV stable, low VOC adhesive works across multiple surface types and allows for the use of non-silicone release coatings in some instances (which are less expensive than silicone release). They also have a high temperature resistance (up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit).   
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