May 7, 2019 - May 9, 2019

Outlook Plus Latin America 2019

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Experience the Value of Full-Care®

As a global industry innovator with world-class technical expertise, H.B. Fuller is committed to providing Full-Care solutions that offer more than just high-performance adhesives. We offer the value of holistic care through best-in-class innovations, supply assurance, technical support, economic efficiencies and a global presence.

We strive to bring innovations that matter to our customers to help them adapt to the changing dynamics of the disposable hygiene market. Visit H.B. Fuller technical and commercial experts at Outlook Plus and explore the value our adhesive innovations can deliver.

ODOGard® Technology

ODOGard® technology is a transformational way to eliminate urine malodor quickly. By eliminating odor molecules, not masking them, ODOGard provides fast, long-lasting performance for your adult incontinence or absorbent pad products – making them an all-round better choice.

Conforma™ for Core

Conforma™ Core Technology has been selected as an IDEA19 Achievement Awards finalist in the raw material category. Conforma stretchable adhesive for absorbent core was designed to help manufacturers of disposable hygiene products respond to end-consumers’ concerns about core deformation, bunching and sagging after insult. The elastomeric properties of Conforma adhesive have been proven to provide lift to the wet core integrity without affecting the absorbent core softness and capacity. Stretchable fibers act as shock absorbers within the core and can help minimize sagging, improve fit, and reduce leakage by enabling the core to bounce back to its original shape.

Free Flow™ Automated Adhesive Delivery System

FreeFlow™ Automated Adhesive Delivery System is H.B. Fuller’s Industry 4.0 solution that was designed to handle adhesive pillows of new Full-Care proprietary technology in large capacity supersacks. FreeFlow is proven to simplify the adhesive handling process and increase line efficiencies of absorbent hygiene product manufacturers via:

Reduced downtime : automated on-demand feeding prevents the occurrence of a system’s “shock” from the glue tanks running too low.
Efficient labor : simplified adhesive handling process frees up employees to focus on more value-added activities.
Increased safety : operators are no longer exposed to molten adhesive when filling the tanks.
Diminished contamination : Closed delivery system eliminates reoccurring opening and closing of the melt tanks for the adhesive refills.

About Outlook Plus Latin America

This three-day conference focuses on examining all the economic outlook, market statistics and the latest products and trends for the hygiene, personal care, and medical market sectors. For the first time, this edition will also cover developments in nonwoven filter media, an important and growing sector in Latin America.

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