Letter From our VP HR

H.B. Fuller Nathan Weaver

Staying True to our Beliefs

This past year presented numerous challenges, from natural disasters and pandemic-related shutdowns to economic uncertainty and completely new ways of working – all of which have dramatically affected our people and our business.

The H.B. Fuller team proved, time and again, that we have the strength to withstand amazing challenges and deliver what’s most important to our company, our employees and our communities. We stayed true to our beliefs and leveraged the strong foundation we have built, which enabled us to continue serving customers better and faster than the competition.

What we learned about or ourselves and the strength of our company over the past year has been valuable. We set up makeshift offices from our homes and used limited supplies to keep one another safe in our facilities. Additionally, all of us had to learn better ways of working and new technologies to collaborate with one another. We have taken these insights and have formalized them into our new way of working, which we are calling, “The Future of Work at H.B. Fuller.” This is about applying those things that worked previously, while taking the lessons learned throughout 2020, and renewing our organization so that we are even stronger going forward.

We have emerged from the past year a stronger company. I am proud of the hard work and dedication of our employees who made it happen. And, I am looking forward to the new opportunities our Future of Work will bring for our company and our employees around the world.

Nathan Weaver
Vice President, Human Resources


Infographic on H.B. Fuller workforce in 2020.

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