At H.B. Fuller, we understand that longevity and performance matter to every level of the transportation segment, from the OEMs and commercial dealers to the end-user consumers. One element that is key to extending the life of a vehicle's parts, is a durable underbody or undercarriage coating. In addition to the natural elements vehicles are exposed to, the underbody must be able to withstand corrosion from, gravel, and salt, and other roadway debris. That is why we partner with you to develop an eco-conscious protective coating for trucks, trailers, trains, buses, RVs and other commercial and specialty vehicles.

Protective Solution with Proven Performance

Our HydroArmor® underbody coating is a one-coat, low-VOC, water-based material that is designed to resist impact and withstand humidity, heat, and salt spray exposures. These high-performance coatings are highly durable even at low temperatures and pass stringent gravel impact tests.

With a wide range of viscosity, HydroArmor coatings are easy to use with reduced cleanup, overspray and rework. In addition to the proven product performance, we have a team of experts that is available to help you maximize your application process and properly adjust your coating thickness.


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