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At H.B. Fuller, we provide superior products and services to the bus and railway transportation industries, including adhesive solutions for glass bonding, structure bonding, and thread locking and sealing—all in an effort to make operations safer, more reliable and more comfortable. As your trusted partner, you can rely on us for adhesives designed specifically for commercial vehicle manufacturing and maintenance, and that meet or exceed new and emerging requirements, such as weight. Additionally, we offer a broad portfolio for chassis and interior finishing and bespoke solutions for vibration and noise reduction.

Higher flexibility, longer durability, anti-vibration and noise reduction are only some of the advantages that our rail and bus transportation adhesive technology can offer in chassis finishing. No thermal stress on the structure and active corrosion protection are further reasons why side paneling and floor plates, for example, are bonded with one-component and two-component polyurethanes. We also offer environmentally-friendly and highly-durable water-based protective coatings for the underbody or undercarriage. 
Modules such as roof, rear and front masks or hatches and doors consist of a material mix of metals and a wide variety of plastics. Only elastic bonding is able to balance the different elongations of the materials and ensure durable function of the parts even in the case of large temperature fluctuations and under permanent stress.

Regarding the interior of buses and railcars, our bus and rail transportation adhesives are used to mount side and roof panels as well as floor coverings, dashboards and headlinings safely and durably. Bonding the wooden floor instead of attaching it with screws leads to acoustic decoupling between the floor and chassis, thereby reducing noise in the vehicle interior. Bonded window panes improve the stability of the chassis and reduce its weight, contributing to the reduction of fuel consumption and helping save costs.

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